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Verity Ads is an online advertising placement service that provides highly relevant and geo-targeted contextual ads to our global network of publishers. We provide a risk-free advertising platform where we provide actionable and measurable results with our Performance Based Ad Network (CPA) to help our publishers monetize and generate revenues. Quick and Easy Online Income for your Blog/Website

With billions of impressions made across the web on a daily basis, our publishers are highly rewarded based on our integrated automated systems that focus on keyword rich content, which help us identify and target the most relevant media to place on our publishers platform.

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Display & Rich Media Ads

We provide Publishers a robust tool to create tags and code snippets that can be easily integrated. Ad types includes: Banners, Popunders and Slide ins. You also have the option to choose between Cost Per Mile or Cost Per Clicks (CPM or CPC )

Responsive Layout

Our Ad server platform runs on a responsive layout, our users can access the platform on mobile and tablets too!

Wider Reach

A wide variety of your traffic can be monetized! We have a growing inventory of advertisers in every country and every industry,  your website traffic, ad impressions are as valuable as every you make from it.

Revenue Share

That means the more you earn, the more we earn – and we’re completely aware of this shared relationship. You are our business partner, and we’ll do our best to provide you with what you need. We’re on your side. Always.

Verified Ads

We only add verified ads to our inventory, reviewed and approved before it gets into the system. Scanned for malwares, viruses to ensure your audience have a safe and non-intrusive experience.