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VerityAds is global platform with revenue generating solutions for both advertisers and publishers. We help advertisers reach thousands of potential customers and turn them into engaged users, making increasing your profit our goal.

We operate in numerous verticals giving us the ability to match your offers to the right publishers. Highly converting matches result in higher ROI.

with top tier advertisers and trusted publishers. Our unique algorithm allows us to match the best offers with the right audiences in real time. By highly targeting the users, we make sure that advertisers reach only engaged customers and are able to display their best deals.

Our technology ensures that conversion rate is high while the cost of sale remains low. Everything is performance-based so the earning potential is maximized!

Targeted Audiences.
Increased Revenue


Our agile and flexible technology makes integration of any online inventory possible. We carefully select and test the various publishers we work with: website owners, desktop and mobile app developers. Our solutions are at the cutting edge of ad technology, focusing on enhancing the user’s experience. They are ingenious, non-intrusive and compliant. The ads are relevant to each user. The engagement of the users is improved resulting in an optimized advertiser’s ROI and boosted revenues.